Why Deotak?

How to choose a product?

When to use a Deodorant?

Spray, roll-on, or underarm Cream forms of deodorants have been designed until now. Regardless of the type, apply your deodorant right after coming out of the bath. You should keep your underarm dry and clean before you apply a deodorant. Long armpit hair should be cleaned, as they decrease the deodorant’s activity.

What is an antiperspirant deodorant?

Normal or powder deodorants only mask the smell, with no effect on the sweating. Antiperspirant deodorants, however, reduce sweating due to their specific ingredients, leading to a decreased contact between bacteria and the sweat.

Salts in Deotak control excessive sweating without preventing the natural sweating process, thus stopping bad odor due to excessive sweat.

Are antiperspirant products healthy?

The main difference between Deotak and other antiperspirant products lies in Deotak’s ability to control excessive sweating without actually stopping the natural process of sweating. Therefore, while sweating is not completely blocked, you also do not experience the discomfort associated with sweating. Plus, the bad odor is prevented before the sweat gives off a bad smell.

How to choose an antiperspirant?

Above all, a deodorant should not cause complete block of sweating, since sweating is a physical activity that helps remove the toxins from the body. Instead, antiperspirant products that controls sweating should be preferred.

Which deodorant is better for which skin type?

Deotak is presented in two main forms: Cream and Roll-on. Depending on your needs, you may chose among our range of Deotak products with proven protection up to 7 days thanks to their specific ingredients.

• Deotak Classic Cream Deodorant, suitable for normal skin.
• Deotak Fresh Cream Deodorant, gives your skin a refreshing effect with menthol in its formula. It helps reduce sweating with its freshening effect.
• Deotak Soft Cream Deodorant, is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. It minimizes the risk of skin irritation with a formula enriched with Allantoin.
• Deotak Plus Cream Deodorant, provides extra protection against sweat odor with Tea Trea Oil in its formula.
• Deotak Active Roll-on, is suitable for all skin types.
• Deotak Sensitive Roll-on, provides extra protection for sensitive skin with allantoin in its formula.

Is there an age limit for deodorant use?

Specialists recommend starting deodorant use after 16 years of age. During adolescence, frequent cleaning of armpits with water and soap may help prevent the bad odor resulting from the hormonal activity. After 16 years of age, antiperspirant deodorants may be readily used to control excessive sweating. Care should be taken to choose products that regulate sweating and that do not hamper the natural functions of our body rather than those that completely block the opening of sweat glands.

Which type of deodorant is suitable for active individuals?

Excessive sweating is a major problem in the office both for men and women. Sweat stains on armpits of a business man or women would not look pleasant during a presentation. Continuous sweating of a teacher in a classroom or of a server taking care of restaurant clients not only negatively affects the professional performance, but also has a negative impact on the others around him/or. In particular, excessive sweating may be very frustrating for young individuals who are engaged in exercise, dancing, or other types of group activities. This can only be prevented with a product that has a proven and durable efficacy in regulating the sweating. Deotak’s oil-based ingredient forms an impermeable barrier on the surface of sweat glands, which regulate the body temperature, resulting in the prevention of bacterial growth through impeding their contact with air. Deotak controls sweating without preventing it. Its duration of action is longer compared to other antiperspirant products. Its special ingredients allow a duration of effect up to 7 days. It protects against bad odor resulting from excessive sweat. Also it is an economical choice with persistent effect.

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