Why Deotak?

  • How to choose a product?

    When to use a Deodorant?

    Spray, roll-on, or underarm Cream forms of deodorants have been designed until now. Regardless of the type, apply your deodorant right after coming out of the bath. You should keep your underarm dry and clean before you apply a deodorant. Long armpit hair should be cleaned, as they decrease the deodorant’s activity.

  • Is sweating healthy?

    The primary function of sweating is the regulation of body temperature. Sweat glands are stimulated when one is exposed to hot, exercise, or intensive stress, leading to sweat production. Sweating removes water and minerals, mainly sodium, from the body. This leads to reduction in body temperature and rebalances the mineral content. Thus sweating is actually very healthy. However, excessive sweating may be a sign of psychological or social problems as well as some medical conditions.

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